Powerful Voodoo Curses

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Break-Up Curse   (Click to Open/Close)

Powerful break-up curse! Does it make you sad and heartbroken to see them together? Don’t you wish that they’ll just break up? Because you know they don’t belong together! You know and feel that they don’t love each other! You know and feel in your heart that you are meant to be with him/her! With my powerful voodoo curse I will split them apart fast and quick.

What will happen:

Right after I cast the curse upon them, they will start looking at each other in a different light. They will have negative thoughts and attitudes towards each other! Then the couple will start to fight and argue. Eventually they will start having hatred towards each other and will finally break up!

Banish Enemy Curse   (Click to Open/Close)

Powerful enemy banishment curse! Are you being harassed by someone? Or bullied? Or is someone criticizing you? Or causing stress for you? Then my powerful black magic curse is for you!

What will happen:

This curse hits them while they’re sleeping. An evil spirit will approach them in their dream and deliver a message! The evil spirit will say, “If you bother this person again, I will bring destruction upon you!” They will wake up in panic and fear and a cold sweat! This usually gets the message across. This person will stay clear from you. But if this person does not get the message, the spirit will bring destruction.

Revenge Curse   (Click to Open/Close)

Powerful revenge curse! Has someone done you wrong? Is someone an enemy toward you? Are they being hateful toward you for no reason? Just because they are cold-hearted? Is someone taking advantage of you or someone or a loved one? Are they taking something from you or are they taking someone from you? Are they gossiping or starting crazy rumors about you? If you want to get revenge against someone who has hate in their heart, then this Revenge Curse is for you!

What will happen:

Bad things will start happening to this person! Bad luck will cross their path. They might lose their spouse or job! Or suffer financially! Friends will abandon them! Women may suffer loss of beauty or weight gain! Men may become in a depressed state of mind! One thing is for sure, they will wish they never messed with you. Unless you tell others, they’ll never know what hit them!

Punish Your Ex Curse   (Click to Open/Close)

Has your ex ruined your life? Made you suffer? Has your ex caused you heavy weight on your mind and on your shoulders? Has your ex cheated on you? Has your ex caused you to go on a roller coaster of emotions? Has your ex caused you to go into a depressed state of mind? If so, payback is a bitch!

What will happen:

All the wrongs that he/she has done to you will come back to haunt him/her. Bad luck will cross his/her path! He/she will suffer in relationships and financially! Loss off friends! Someone will cheat on him/her! What comes around, goes around!